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Smart Care

Modern stomatological office at Prague 2, where our aim is satisfied patient. Satisfied patient is who is going to get high quality treatement respectfull latest modern stomatological standarts. We diagnose the problem, treat and educate patient after. Individual appoarch to patient with respect to his needs and priorits. We focus on latest techniques and our obsession is perfectly made treatment.

We take into account the patient's goals and solutions will be set individually according to coveridge, time and materials. Professional and friendly staff ensures a wide range of portfolio of services, from restorative dentistry, oral surgery (including aesthetic), prosthetics, implantology, dental hygiene, and patient education. A comprehensive family care, special children´s dental care with a perfect quality is there for you.


MDDr. Lucie Zakova

Head dentist, who coordinates the work and development of the medical team

We offer a wide range of interventions. In the area of restorative dentistry especially we accent a prevention, to which we lead the patient systematically and methodically. We apply on patient correct principles of mouth care. So that we save the patient's wallet and contribute to a better quality life. In addition to our primary business of treating patients also cultivate their access to their own health.

Throught the preventive checks automatically panoramic X-ray snapshot of the entire area of upper and lower jaw are made which detects potential problems at the beginnings and this will ensure early diagnosis and friendly less invasive solution.

Examination and the whole spectrum of interventions from us is completely painless, so we can also take care of patients with increased fear and enormous stress.

Dental fillings,treatment of dental caries. We focus on guality and the aesthetic aspect of fillings. We offer a range of high-tech materials, from standard amalgam,glassionomers to composite fillings with different features for customized solutions.

Contact - Praha 1

Myslikova 31

Praha 1

Second floor

mob: (+420) 774 257 292

email: info@smart-care.cz

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