Wear a smile - one size fits all.

Aesthetic dentistry

We all hear about perfect smile but how can you reach it?



The most conservative option are veneers. Veneers are made only from ceramic. Highly aesthetic, translucent, texture and colour as your own natural teeth. Preparation is made just 0,3mm in your enamel on visible side of your teeth. Helps alse if patient has smile with gaps umong teeth.

Crowns & Bridges

We offer all types crowns as ceramic,metalo-ceramic, metal. Ceramic crown can be made from ZrO layred with živcová keramika or lithiumdisilicate.

Inlays & Onlays & Overlays

Its indicated when patient has a old unpropriate filling or amalgam filling either tooth with excavated caries. Compare to filling are those products more hard,resistant to abrasion plus they wont change colour( pigmenation) in years like you may see sometimes on photocomposites.



If missing teeth then implant is the most conservative solution how to restore your smile. We use Hexatec system. All implants are made from pure Ti and on surface is bioactive thin layer which makes easier for bone to accept implant. There is longlife warranty if regular recalls are not missed.

Cosmetic gum

Cosmetic gum lift-by lifting up your gums can your teeth be more dominant when you smileby being optically higher. It also helps if there is gummy smile.

Tooth jewelry

Gift for your dearest that she never takes away. Can be diamonds or any other precious stones.



Makes you younger looking, makes the others look at your teeth while speaking. No problem to get 6 to 8 shades whither teeth. if talking about whitening then there is inner whitetning applied only on teeth highly discoloured to the others to let them be bleached exactly to the colour of the others.

Dental hygiene

Prevention is base on which you can built up your health. Allways better to prevent the problem from happening then solving complications that basically allways means more efford,time and money to spend from patients side.

  • iDCam (highlights everything,health or pathology)
  • xHD OPG (digital panoramatic Xray in HD let us see if any problem in bone is happening such as cysts, fractures,osteotumors, etc.)
  • ultrasound SonicFlex (Very effective for removing supragingival tartar)
  • prophyFlex (cleaning and polishing teeth that removes pigments on surface)
  • depuration (teeth polishing by a special highdensity fluoride toothpaste with particular against sensitivity)

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